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What Are You Staring At?

How do you present yourself?
“He that makes himself an ass must not take it ill if men ride him.” ~Proverbs for Daily Living 7/10 I have no control over other people. The only things i have control over is what i think of myself and my actions. I no longer accept the view others impose upon me as my [More]

The Edge of Courage

What do you have the courage to do?
“A man without courage is a knife without an adge.” ~ Proverbs for Daily Living 7/6 One of the easiest things to do is start. Sometimes things become questionable, and doubtful when the end isn’t in sight. The question is: “Do I continue or not?” Women share this experience from a slightly different perspective. Some [More]

Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water ‘fore I Diiie

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Maya Angelou’s first collection of poems. She was a historian who wrote as an author, playwright, and poet. Her writings chronicled perspectives that many faced and remain silent about despite their deafening sounds across all the lines drawn between people. Her legacy is historically and undeniably recorded throughout all her writings.   [kkytv id="JqOqo50LSZ0"]   How [More]

What’s In It For Me?

Taking Care of Myself
“I will only get out of something what I put in it.” ~Dr. Mike Murdock A problem occurs when our efforts do not produce the results we seek. Instead of questioning our motives, we often look at who didn’t cooperate with us so that we could get what we are after. WIIFM exists everywhere, and [More]

Time to Soar

Get up off the Ground!
It’s time to soar again!   Hello Everyone,   My name is Cameron A Bailey Sr a 43 year old male who at one time was a kid with hopes and dream of the kind of life i imagined living one day. Remember Do you remember what it was like to believe you could have anything you want [More]

Is it Okay to Tell a Lie?

Who Nose when you're withholding the truth?
Every moment is a crossroad between the truth and a lie.   The lesser of all evils. My mother’s cancer came back worse the second time. She had surgery to remove it from her colon and it was successful. She eventually went back to work and was promoted. We were all happy. It was disheartening [More]

The Elephant in the Room

relationship problems, problems at work
“It is sure to be dark if you shut your eyes.” ~Proverbs for Daily Living 2/10 The Elephant in the Room is usually the only one with its eyes open.   i cannot come up with any new angle to create excitement about the fact that there are certain things that are ignored. There are a [More]

Pay Your Dues

Pay Your Dues
“Pay Your Dues” | You Owe Me These are two sides of the same coin steeped heavily in tradition, and is one of the main roots of tradition that exists practically everywhere. My most recent exposure to this occurred at a religious institution. However, i have also experienced this in the military, in corporate America, [More]

Pain: Catatonic or Catapult

Pain: Catatonic or Catapult
Pain: Catatonic or Catapult   This post is based upon a passage from the Bible 1 Samuel 29 – 30:19. The point of this post is to emphasize that whenever one encounters pain of any kind, the result is to become catatonic or to be catapulted. How one responds to pain is a choice with [More]

Reflections Pt 4

Reflections Pt 4
Reflections Pt 4 Proverbs 23:7a For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he (KJV)   Whatever a person feeds their body, mind, soul is the same they they live on.   While awake at any given time we are ingesting something through the mouth, eyes, nose, ears, and/or hands. The body, soul and spirit are [More]
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